Degus in the vicarage!!!

This is Squeak!!!

This is Squeak!!!

In the vicarage we now have a new addition to the family! A pair of degus. You will probbly be wondering what on earth are degus because everyone does. They are rodents who are relatled to chinchillas who you are more likely to have heard of. They come from the mountains of Chile which are very cold so they are very fluffy. To find out more go to http://www.degutopia.co.uk.

This is Snuffle!!!

This is Snuffle!!!


Grrrrrrrrrrrrr prowl

Kitty has found the warmest place in the house. THE FIRE ! She’s been lying around like a lion. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I'm a lion. Go away and leave me in peace.

Tower of London tour

On Wednesday we went to the Tower of London: me, Gillis, Elliot, Mummy and Nanna. We went there by tube. The tube is great because it is very comfortable. It was a bit difficult because we sometimes missed the train and had to wait for ages but when we got there we went into the Welcome office and we got a bag of kids stuff. For example – pencil, badge, book and leaflets. My favourite was the badge because it said ‘Practicing Princess’.

Don't let him bite your fingers!

After we’d got our bag we went to the Crown Jewels. They were sooooo beautiful. One crown had the biggest diamond in the world! The orb was as big as a melon. It was very very round. After that we went to lunch. Me and Gillis had fish and chips. Elliot had sausage and chips. The kids got free homemade lemonade plus a free fairy cake. Yummmm.

After lunch we went to see the armour. There were wooden horses there and they were huge. Then we went to Knight School. At Knight School we learnt how to be a knight. We danced and we were told that knight means servant. Afterwards we went to get knighted by King Edward I! I was knighted in the name of St Michael the Archangel, St Agatha and all the Christian saints.

Once Knight School had finished we went to the tower shop. I got a beautiful golden necklace with a ruby. (It was only £3.99).

spanish club

Today in Spanish Club we were recording our puppets on Mrs S’s video recorder. My puppet was called Maddie and my partner was Simran. Her puppet was called Lily.

After we’d filmed them we went back to class. The last lesson we went into the hall with all the other juniors and we sand some Spanish songs with Mrs S. Mrs S showed the rest of the juniors our plays. I was totally embarrassed. We were speaking in Spanish.

Mine was like the bottom left corner one

Madame Pamplemousse and her incredibale edibles is a INCREDIBLE story. If you are gutsy, adaventurus and funny you will like this book.

This book is spooky in the part when Madame Pamplemousse is there one second and is gone the next. In my matter of opinion I would say it is joyful because in the end Madeleine gets a happy family. It is sad because Monsieur Lard had to go to prison. It is disgusting because Madame Pamplemousse’s incredible edibles are things like cobra brains in black butter and great white shark fin in banana liquor. Blurgh!

It is weird because of the names of the edibles. I read it quite quickly. It is one of my favourite books because it has different feelings at different times. You want to cry and laugh and dance all at the same time.

This is the front cover of the book

Going to see Robin Hood

The Church sunday school went to the  pantomime to see Robin hood today. I LOVED IT! My favourite character was Robin Hood, Robin Hood was played by a GIRL! My favourite scene was when the sheriff of Nottingham was dressed as a ghost. He chased the merry men, then they chased him. YIKES!

Cute little baby!

A cute little baby visited our house. He is just starting to walk. Sometimes we have to help him. He is very cute! He is one of my favourite little babies I like playing with them. When I am older I want to be a nursery nurse. Probably. I have loads of jobs I want to do. I can’t choose.

How cute is that?

Thinking at thinktank!

Today I went to thinktank with my Nanna and Grandpa. Thinktank is a place where you can learn about science. First, I went to a place where you can pull levers and press lots of buttons. My favourite place was the cafe, where there were loads of cupboards and things you would find in a kitchen. I put on a cook’s hat and made lots of food and got orders from people. Then I went to a REAL cafe and had lunch. Afterwards I went to buy some sweets, then I went to a Science Show. The man showed us loads of chemicals, and how to make very big bubbles. He showed us fire tornados which were very interesting, he made them by lighting a little flame on a turntable and putting a chimney around it. When the turntable went round it made a tornado of fire! Different salts made the tornados different colours. This is how fireworks are made. Last of all he made flames and different sounds made different amount of waves.

Teenager camp

We had lot’s of fun sleeping at the bording school, one day we went to Crow Point and didn’t get back till 9pm! I was tired next morning. The last night of camp, we had a talent show and I was in both things, I thought there would be lots more acts but there was only the amazing acrobates dance which I came in at the end, and there were the show of joseph and the singers popped in twice. I was one of the servents in pharoh court, we did a bit of gossiping.

Going Bowling

I just met a new friend at church. Because there was this thing called men aloud.  She was there because her dad went. My dad asked me if I wanted to meet her and I said I wanted to go.



Later we went bowling together. I won! I got 104 she got 75. My dad gave me some money and I got some sweets.